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Outline of Exhibitions

GRTC plans to open subway galleries at the end of April starting with an exhibition of paintings and photographs by three of Gwangju’s most renowned senior artists. An exhibition normally lasts one to two months, and the Center is expected to get into full-scale operation when GRTC invites a specialist curator in cooperation with the Gwangju Metropolitan City Administration.

Characteristics of Exhibitions

The Gwangju subway galleries exhibit all kinds of works from various art genres that are easily accessible to the general public.
Nongseong Station Gallery (Sunken Plaza)

Nongseong Station Gallery (Sunken Plaza)

Located at the first underground floor of the station, this gallery displays new works by professional artists and holds special cultural events.
Geumnamro 4-ga Station Gallery

Nongseong Station Gallery (Sunken Plaza)

As the largest subway station gallery in Gwangju, it deals with large-scale exhibitions by renowned artists.
Geumnamro 5-ga Station Gallery

Geumnamro 5-ga Station Gallery(Between Exits 1, 2, 5 and 6 and Exits 3 and 4)

Located at one of Gwangju’s most fashionable streets, this gallery focuses on various artworks that will attract young viewers.