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GRTC President - Oh, Haeng-Won

Welcome to 'GRTC(Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation)' the global advanced green transportation which creates the new paradigm in public transportation culture.

How do you do? This is Lee, Ho-Joon the president of Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation. I sincerely thank you for your continuous love and care toward Gwangju Metro. Since the opening in 2004, Gwangju Metro has put the priority in safety, has made through the thorough managerial innovation for the rapid, kind service and the corporative company and built the service for the residence to enjoy cultural activities. As a result, we won the Managerial Innovation Exemplary Business Award and the Customer Satisfaction Award from the Ministry of public administration and security and Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs. We have also been ranked by the Korea Productivity Center as the best business in Korea in terms of customer satisfaction for three years in a row.
However we would like to give you promises to guarantee the residents’ better future, not just settle down at the present performances. Gwangju Metro will makes efforts on creating better future through the advanced eco-friendly management which conduct the residents’ cultural space, civil rights for the better life, coal yard green economy with based on the completed safety running system confirm. Also we will expand the society contribution business that conducts community development by the sharing and love, and go ahead toward the world-best metropolitan with the advanced managerial innovation through the change of conception. Finally, I would like to ask your continuous love toward our effort to contribute to the creation of new value of public transportation in Gwangju and enhancement of people’s quality of life through invigoration of the subway network.

Thank you.

Oh, Haeng-Won

Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation